AustCham Korea’s Doing Business In Korea (DBIK)


Since the Korean-Australian Free Trade Agreement entered (KAFTA) into force in December 2014, the ratification of KAFTA has provided AustCham Korea with a strong focus on helping its members successfully navigate the business environment in Korea. To conduct effective business in any sector, an understanding of the rules and practices applicable are essential. As a result, AustCham Korea has developed a series of business seminars, rightly named Doing Business In Korea (DBIK).


Through the invitation of special guests, it is our aim that the DBIK seminars will provide an essential platform for the distribution of business related ideas and expertise. DBIK will offer diverse insight into the Australian-Korean business environment and giving advantage to those wanting to understand the conducts of ‘doing business in Korea’.


The following is the list of DBIK seminars held in 2016:

  • ROK economic outlook 2016: opportunities and challenges with HE Ambassador Bill Paterson PSM

  • KAFTA Financial Services Briefing Session with Australian Embassy of Seoul, Macquarie group of Companies, Korea, and Financial Services Commission

  • Social Media Marketing seminar with USO Korea and Unicoi

  • Anticipation of the Implementation of the New Anti-Bribery Laws with Shin&Kim and HSF

  • Wine & Cheese Night: Korean Culture & Understanding the Historical Underpinnings with IRC and Sungkyungwan University

  • Korea’s Foreign Investment Ombudsman system seminar in Foreign Invested Week 2016

  • Lessons to be learned seminar with Wilson Parking Korea, HSF, and Indulge

  • Economic insights of South Korea, Australia, and Japan with Australian embassy of Japan and MOSF


Although 2016 was a highly successful year for our DBIK seminars, covering a variety of industries and topics over the course of a year, we are already looking forward to another exciting year ahead. With several upcoming DBIK seminars already in the planning, I would like to personally thank all of our members who have participated and welcome all those yet to attend. For DBIK updates, please keep an eye out on our website and SNS.


Michael Chang

Chair, DBIK Committee

AustCham Korea

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